Prosthodontist (Prosthetics)
Dt. Ekin Gökmen Akmansu
Professional Experience 7 Years
License Yeditepe University / Faculty of Dentistry
Master's / Doctorate Kırıkkale University / Department of Prosthodontics
Professional Experience A Clinica Dent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic
Dentius Clinic
Yeditepe University Dentistry Hospital
Kayseri Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Prosthetic Dentistry (Prosthesis)

Prosthodontics (Prosthetics): Regain Your Smile

Prosthodontics, or prosthetics, is a dental treatment method used to correct missing or damaged teeth. Dentures help solve aesthetic and functional problems caused by tooth loss or tooth damage. In this article, we will discuss the importance and benefits of prosthodontics.

  1. Aesthetic and Functional Corrections: Prosthodontics is used to restore chewing, speech and other oral functions, as well as improving aesthetic appearance. Dentures help you regain your smile by filling missing teeth and repairing damaged teeth.

  2. Various Prosthesis Options: Dentures offer a variety of options depending on the patient's needs and preferences. There are different types of dentures such as fixed dentures (bridges, implant-supported dentures) and removable dentures (full or partial dentures). After a consultation with your dentist, the most suitable prosthesis option can be determined.

  3. Long Term Solutions: Dentures offer long-term solutions when properly cared for and regularly checked. With the right denture application, patients can enjoy a healthy mouth and smile for years to come.

  4. Trust and Comfort: Modern dentures have aesthetic features similar to natural teeth and provide confidence and comfort to their wearers. Proper fitting and adjustment of dentures allows patients to use their dentures safely and comfortably.

Prosthodontics, or dentures, offer an effective solution to correct missing or damaged teeth. By providing aesthetic and functional improvements, it can significantly enhance patients' smiles and quality of life. It is important to learn more about prosthodontics and consult a dentist for appropriate treatment options.

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